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…your th-inc tank and consultancy firm for innovation and cooperation in transportation. We offer transport modelling services, software training and data & software integration projects and help to solve your transportation and urban development problems.

th-inc looks for best practice solutions - based on a global partner network and supported by world leading experts in the field. We assist public sector and private sector businesses in developing sustainable business models and solutions yielding win-win-win results, i.e. providing benefits not only to business partners but also to our environment, society, and to future projects.

th-inc projects, data models, and databases cover all levels of detail from strategic planning and operation to customer care solutions. Preferred data sources are those from open data streams like OSM (OpenStreetMap), from the public  sector, from customer specific planning or operations,  travel surveys and  traffic model applications.

th-inc about new technologies and scientific progress in understanding travel behaviour – they generate exciting opportunities!

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Sincerely yours

Thomas Haupt

(CEO & founder)