Improving the quality of transport services and accessibility based on the sustainable use of limited resources plays a decisive role in the transport sector. An increase in transport costs and a series of regulations for protecting the environment and the climate are the result of the shortage of resources. Other negative consequences that we have to cope with are traffic jams and poor quality of transport services. We at th-inc address these issues through transport simulation and optimisation while also including additional key factors, such as improved profitability, in the assessment of possible solutions and alternatives. th-inc can draw on a worldwide network of leading experts in that field.

Our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. Therefore, we focus on the implementation of lasting solutions by using sustainable data and tools. Data models provided by th-inc experts cover all levels of transport optimisation ranging from strategic planning to daily operation. We use data sources from open data streams, such as OSM (open street map), data that is publicly available as well as operational data and surveys, and we encourage our customers to make their data available to transport professionals and the general public.

th-inc assists companies in developing sustainable business strategies. We strive to always achieve lasting win-win-win solutions whose results benefit both the environment and the society.